Unable to download resnet50.h5 of Week 2's assignment Residual Networks

Hi, I hope that I selected the correct category. My question is for ‘Programming Assignment: Residual Networks’ in week 2 of ‘Convolutional Neural Networks’

I’d like to run the notebook on my PC, so I downloaded all materials, but I was not able to download resnet50.h5 through the Lab UI. I see 500 error when I try to download it. If we can’t download it through the lab environment, do we have another link to the file?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the lab for ‘Programming Assignment: Residual Networks’
  2. Click ‘File’ on the left top corner, and then click ‘Open…’
  3. Tick resnet50.h5, and click Download.
  4. Confirm you can not download it to your PC and you see 500 error in Network tab.

Some browsers will not let you download binary files that are not of commonly recognized formats like zip or jpg or the like. There are several other potential issues here:

  1. The actual file resnet50.h5 is a linux “symlink” to the real file.
  2. The real target file is pretty large: 283MB or thereabouts. Some browsers and ISPs limit the size of file you can download.

Try creating a “tar” file that contains the h5 file:

tar czhvf myTarFile.tgz resnet50.h5

Note that the “h” option there is critical: it tells tar to “chase” symlinks so that you get the real file and not just the symlink itself.

Then you can get around the large size of the file by splitting it into 50MB chunks by using the linux split command:

split -b 50m myTarFile.tgz myTarFile.part.

Then try downloading the “chunks” of the file, which will have names like myTarFile.part.aa and so forth.

Then on your local computer, you need to reassemble the files. On Mac or linux, the commands are:

cat myTarFile.part.* > myTarFile.tgz
tar xzvf myTarFile.tgz

On windows, you reassemble the files this way:

type myTarFile.part.* > myTarFile.tgz

If you are on Windows, you’ll need to download 7zip or some other utility that knows how to unpack tar files.