Week 2, Assignment 1: ResNet

I cannot download the resnet50.h5 file into my local machine. It goes blank when I select the file and press Download, any solutions to this?

Others have reported this same issue. No one has posted a solution.

Possible reasons:

  • the file may be too large to download from Coursera‚Äôs servers (they may have file size limits).
  • Deeplearning.ai might not have permission to re-distribute that file.

Size limits is definitely not an issue because I had downloaded some image files from the server which are larger than this one. Anyway, thanks a lot!

Is there are good reason for not making programming assignments downloadable as a zip / tgz in the first place? It would be helpful for those who like to work offline.

It would be even better if these files were checked in a place like github so we could just clone the repo.