Unable to install kfp - C4_W3_Lab_1_Kubeflow_Pipelines.ipynb

Hi support team,

Very disappointed with the high number of bugs and issues running ungraded labs… impossible to get them to run on your own environments. So much for a course on Production ready code…

Tried several workarounds, and didn’t manage to get beyond this point. Any help will be appreciated, but getting highly frustrated with the significant amount of issues, bugs, and lack of immediate resolution to the issues we are frequently facing.


Hello @phi.designer
The error you are encountering is mostly due to missing or incompatible dependencies, it may be your: System Dependencies, system updates, Python Version etc. I would advice you to try to set up the lab in a virtual environment to avoid conflicts with other packages.

You can also try installing dependecies manually before installing kfp
pip install absl-py==0.11.0 PyYAML==5.4.1


Hi Ivan. We are looking into this issue and will update the lab asap. I apologize for this experience. This usually happens with Colab-based exercises whenever a new feature/behavior is introduced on that platform. We’ll see if that’s also the case here. Nonetheless, we’ll see how we can improve the labs to be more robust against these changes. Thank you for the feedback.