Unable to submit the Programming Assignment and Hence Deadline over

Dear Tutors,

I was facing the trouble to submit the C1W2 Programming Assignment, last week. I have alreday finished the complete assignment in th last week only. However, I could not able to submit it due to trouble in assignment submission.

Hence, Today, I open the assignment again to submit it, but the deadline was over.
I have mistakelnly assume that the deadline is till 8:59 PM, actually it was 8:59 AM.

I request you to please consider the above issues and allow me to submit the assignment. It is very important that I get the certificate of the course.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @Shubham_Kavane,

I believe if you open the main course page, it’ll ask you to reset your deadlines, you can select it from there.


Hello @Shubham_Kavane, next time if you are unable to submit, it would be helpful to include some screenshots that inform you that your are unable to submit. Those screenshots may give us some useful information. At least I can do a search on this community for you for whether other learners have come across your situation.


@Shubham_Kavane , to add on what @rmwkwok just shared above, one of the main reason assignment fails to submit is because of changing the assignment file name. Make sure when you submit, the notebook has the default file name.