View visualizations using python(.py) files, outside of Coursera jupyter notebook

In PCA, there is a file

I’m trying to call the plot_widget() function within itself, but no output is shown.

Can someone help me with this?

Even in local jupyter notebooks, the output is not visible.

Only in coursera Jupyter Notebook, I’m able to play around plot_widget()

There may be additional imports or installations involved in setting up the environment on your local machine that’s why.

Can you share the steps to run locally,

Because we won’t be having access to labs forever

I don’t have access to this code, but from this statement I am guessing that it uses

which means you’re going to need the Jupyter runtime in your local environment. There are several long threads about how to set up a local environment for running class exercises. Try searching on conda

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There’s a topic about how to download all the files in an assignment on the DLS FAQ Thread. See the topic about Access to the Assignments after the Course completes.

There are no official instructions for running locally, as it’s very dependent on your local environment, but here’s a thread with lots of good information that will get you started down that road.


Yeah I have done some of those quite long processes…:grin: