Vscodium / jupyternotebooks issue

I am trying to set up jupyter notebooks in vscodium and I installed the proper extensions put for sum reason I am not to run any code or import and librarys. I installed the same extensions on another computer and it worked just fine so I am thinking I might have pressed a worng button somwhere along the line. I also deleted vscodium and reinstalled still same issue. If anyone can help with this issue that would be great !

I changed the base to anaconda python and I got a diffrent error

Hi @Stephano_Cotsoradis

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You have posted on the general category. What course are you referring to?

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Hi @Stephano_Cotsoradis,

Have you tried something like this ?

Or like this ?


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I am referring to all of them. As all of the labs are in jupyter notebook and I want to get used to using it in my ide so when I finish the deep learning specialization that Im working on it can be a seamless transition.

I figured it out now thank you !

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You welcome

Hi @Stephano_Cotsoradis,

Did any of these links help ? Or was it something else ?
Please share in the thread what worked for you so that other people can also benefit from it.


I used the commands 1. conda activate base
2. pip install -U prompt_toolkit
to install the missing module and it worked

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