W1 W3 Ex3 IndentationError

Hello, the implementation seems correct, but the same error keeps up.

Any help?
I don’t have this pb in Ex 1 and Ex 2

Hello @Simon1,

Looks like you have 4 white spaces (= one indentation level) before def. Please see if you can justify those spaces. You may check this post for a quick indentation guide if needed.


Thank @rmwkwok , I am now facing another problem…
The implementation runs well, but I do not get the expected output.

It is not uncommon that learners can’t implement the code correctly in their first try, but they all need to solve the errors themselves. I would suggest you to walk through your code with the maths formula provided (if any) in the description of the exercise and check for any inconsistency. If nothing is found, then run your code with some simple inputs like this post and print out any intermeidate variables like this post to check if something is not working as expected.

Good luck Simon.