W4 Assignment: getting Grader Error while my code has passed all the public tests

I have a trouble in getting a same Grader error over my past 3 submission in the Week4 Assignment, although the codes I made passed all the public tests.
Here is the last line of the long Grader error message:

[ValidateApp | ERROR] nbgrader encountered a fatal error while trying to validate ‘submitted/courseraLearner/W4_Assignment/C1W4_Assignment.ipynb’

I would appreciate it if a mentor can assist me in resolving this.
FYI, the link to the issue: Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free | Coursera

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You should make sure that you are a running on the latest file of the assignment. On file → open you will find the latest assignment which I see it has been updated to: [C1W4_Assignment_2022_08_02_07_51_47.ipynb], you should choose and work on this file.

hi @gent.spah
Thanks for your follow-up.
I followed your instruction. But I did not particularly find any new release in the folder.
Anyway, I clicked the help bottom at the upper right corner and click to get the latest update.
Now, again the Grader gives me the same error message.

[ValidateApp | ERROR] nbgrader encountered a fatal error while trying to validate ‘submitted/courseraLearner/W4_Assignment/C1W4_Assignment.ipynb’

So, I presume that there is some other issue with my code.
I will send my file in case you can take a look at it.

Thanks in advance
Best regards

There are no other file labs for you if you have not attempted this lab in the past so the only lab should be “C1W4_Assignment.ipynb” you are correct about that.

You should be careful when iterating and creating the conv2d layers in the Block class to use only as given by the no. of repetitions.

Also very important is to submit the assignment before you start training as it suggests.

Hi @gent.spah
Thanks for your past feedback.
Unfortunately, although I reflected the correction you mentioned, I am still getting the same error message.
I wonder if my past work corrupted the file: I rebooted the page several times already though.
I sent you earlier my latest work by message.
I would appreciate it, if you could advise me how to resolve the persistent issue.
Look forward to hearing your advice.
Best regards

Hi Michio,

I dont see any other issues, can you try commenting the last cell " Load data and train the VGG network (Optional)" before submitting for grading. When I submitted your assignment I got 100%.

Maybe performing a force refresh could help

Thanks @gent.spah
As I followed your instruction of commenting the last cell, I got through the Autograding.
Thank you very very much for your advice.
Best regards,

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