Waiting for Course 3

I’m trying to get all three certificates during the free trial, and managed to passed the first two courses in 4 days. I got to know that the third part is still under development until I enrolled for the Course 3. Seems that I am a bit too early.

Compared to the old famous Machine Learning course, a lot of interesting topics are added, such as decision tree, which is new to me. And the use of TensorFlow is also a nice choice. But I still use Octave sometimes.

And the new course made the vectorize optional, which lower the difficult a lot. But I think there should be more chapter for it for hand-built NN, just like the old ML course.


Hello @explorare, thanks for sharing with us your thoughts about the first two courses!!

How were you able to get the certificate for the second course? I’m hitting errors on the last programming assignment (C2 W4 Giving String Format Errors)

in the same boat buddy i plan on finishing the specialization in a month and got the course accordling fingers crossed that they release the third course soon or they extend our plan for free :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


According to the reply from staff in another post, it’s unlikely for them to do so.
Course 3 availability - Machine Learning Engineering for Production(MLOps) / MLEP Course 2 - DeepLearning.AI

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Yeah, I also waste 30mins on that exam. Trying not to use a for loop but got a bunch of weird issues.

Yeah!! Same thing happened to me!! I’m still losing my mind over that issue. According to the comments in the programming assignment, the output should return an ndarray but the tester function returns an error for and ndarray output and asks for list instead. But when I return a list, it still gives an error even though my answer was correct.

Same here. Try to finish them in one month but just find a 20 days wait for third course. Talked to the Coursera specialist. No partial refund or extension.

did anybody start the course. It still shows (“Starting 27th July”) for me

Should I need to renew my subscription to access the course or anyone else facing this issue…coz it’s already 27th today

No. It’s still showing the same.

Hi, have you started? I completed courses 1 & 2 awhile back, and canceled my subscription of the specialization as I didn’t know when Course 3 would be available. After course 3 is released, I logged in Coursera, and it shows I have “already enrolled” Course 3 . However, I don’t have access to Quizzes and Assignments. I’m wondering if I should subscribe (pay) the specialization in order to be able to gain full access, as there’s no way to only subscribe for Course 3 (as I was enrolled by the system)? Are you facing the same problem?

Yeah…I’m facing the same issue

I guess we need to buy whole subscription :smiling_face_with_tear:

I think we need to renew the subscription in order to access the practice lab and get the certificate.
But I have not renewed my subscription yet, just audit the free part first.