Want to learn MLOps

I don’t how, but few days back i was just searching road maps to be an AI engineer and got 3 series of course, ML specialization, DL specialization and MLOps specialization i had completed 2 of them and when i moved to check the third one it was not there… only course 1 was there.
so by this i want to ask @DeepLearning.AI-Team when does it is going to be accessible to us…

I’m eagerly waiting for that…
Machine Learning Engineering for Production(MLOps)

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MLOps currently only offers one course.
There is no additional information available.

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Hi @arihant.18 ,

You road maps is great and make sense.

MLOps specialization course 2 to 4 has been discontinuing as part of the company’s continual evaluation of its course catalog and where to focus efforts on supporting learner needs.

However, course 1 is maintain in the format of a course, named “Machine Learning in Production”, that you can find here Machine Learning in Production - DeepLearning.AI.

This amazing course covers how to conceptualize integrated systems that continuously operate in production as well as how to solve common challenges unique to the production environment. With this course, you will be able to design an ML production system end-to-end as well as to establish a model baseline.

From here, then you can easily, and with confidence, move to something more specific and very demanded like LLM In Production, LLM being a subset of ML.

Please be assure we’ll be here to support you…

Hope it helps. Happy learning!