Week 1 Notebook 1: conv_forward doesnt pass unit test 1


I am having a hard time trying to figure out whats wrong with my code.

[snippet deleted by mentor]

This code is not passing Test 1 as follows:

First Test: Z’s mean is incorrect. Expected: 0.5511276474566768
Your output: 0.5329033220060434

First Test: Z[0,2,1] is incorrect. Expected: [-2.17796037, 8.07171329, -0.5772704, 3.36286738, 4.48113645, -2.89198428, 10.99288867, 3.03171932]
Your output: [-0.05723279 0.03991888 -6.24285862 0.53960581 -5.04059676 6.96991358
3.69509379 -0.20955895]

How can we solve this problem? Any hints?


The filter need not always move 1 step at a time. Hint: Look at the stride parameter.

Also, your calculation of horiz_end and vert_end are incorrect.

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