Week 2 Adam: the difference between "t" vs "l"

I am somewhat confused about the “t” that’s used in calculating the “corrected” velocity vectors in the Adam algorithm. Clearly, the “t” is not the same as “l” (the layer). If we look at the formula, this is what we have to calculate:
In Week 2 assignment, Excercise 6 (update_parameters_with_adam), the test function has defined t as a constant (t = 2). What does that indicate? The no. of iterations?
Thanks in advance :pray:

Yes, t is the number of iterations, which is completely different than l the layer number. This should be clear if you look at the way the template code works in the “model” function.

Also here’s what it says in the instructions for that section:


* t counts the number of steps taken of Adam
* L is the number of layers

Thanks @paulinpaloalto