Week 2 Lab Missing Pretrained Model Files

In the Course 1, Week 2 ungraded lab in the “Training a CNN with class imbalanced data” section there are references to a pretrained model, but the directory “history-imbalanced” and related files are not included in the repository:

imbalanced_history = pd.read_csv('history-imbalanced/history-imbalanced.csv')
imbalanced_model = tf.keras.models.load_model('model-imbalanced')

I also noticed some of the modules (Pandas and Seaborn) were not included in the environment (running %pip install ... fixes that) and the initial file paths to the cats_and_dogs and caltech_birds files were incorrect.

/content is the current directory in google colab notebook.

You’ve downloaded the files inside /content using wget. Seems like you’re running the notebook on a non-colab environment.