Week 2 practice lab submitted but nothing happens after

Hi, when I submit the week 2 practice lab, nothing happens. I can’t see any grades or successful submissions. I tried both Chrome and Firefox on a Mac.

What shall I do? Thanks.

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This seems to be an issue right now with the graders servers. Please try again a bit later.

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I am facing the same problem, tried to submit the assingment multiple time, but “My submissions” tab shows nothing.

The issue seems to be in the graders servers, which is part of Coursera. This is happening to most, if not all, other learners. Please contact Coursera about this. DeepLearning.ai doesn’t manage the platform. We are also contacting Coursera about this.

My current recommendation is: please continue attempting to submit. At some point this will work.

still facing same problem. tried many many tmes over the past 12 plus hrs and same issue… nothing happens if we try to submit the lab

please help

Hello @Prasad_Kona,

Many learners are having this problem and the course team is investigating it. Please follow this topic for updates.