Week 2 Residual Networks assignment cannot connect to Kernel

Do other assignments in Course 4 open and run normally? If yes, then you may have damaged your Residual Networks notebook somehow. One experiment to try would be to get a fresh copy of the notebook and see if that has a working kernel. There’s a topic about that on the FAQ Thread, but executing the procedure requires that you be able to do “File → Rename” to get your broken notebook out of the way. If you can get a clean copy, then worst case you can “copy/paste” your completed code over to the new copy. Of course there may be some error in your code that is causing the problem (e.g. an infinite loop that causes the memory footprint of the notebook to grow without bound).

If all notebooks exhibit this same problem, then it’s more likely some kind of IT problem. Some software (A/V or firewall) is blocking the connection.