Week 2 transfer learning with MobileNet : all tests passed but always error

I passed all test but when I click on submit assignment, automatic corrector tells me that I have errors even if I have" passed all test correct" green color , what I should do in this case ?

1)first error is ( NameError: name ‘model2’ is not defined)
2) second error is ( NameError: name ‘loss_function’ is not defined)

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I’m getting exactly the same issue. Did you sort the problem out ?

Even I am getting the same issue. Were you able to resolve it ??

Same here. Another strange thing is that validation accuracy is always larger than training one, and training loss is always higher than validation one… Do you observe this too?

hi ssy
unfortunately no, I am looking for a solution for this problem

hi Suhas
I look for, and I try

@fabhertz yes but I do not have an explanation for this observation , and you?
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I think that this is due to the fact that the network is pretrained, hence the training loss/accuracy refer only to the layers that we are considering, since the others are not being updated.

I’m getting the same error. It really is hard to figure out what’s going on when the notebook gives you “All tests passed” but the grader fails in a chunk of hidden code.

Hey everyone.

This has been noted. We are working on this. As soon as this is fixed or I have an update I’ll let you guys know.

Update: We are having trouble at the backend. This could take a while to fix. We apologise for the inconvenience. I’ll keep you guys posted.


Please frequently check this post regarding the update: Course 4 Assignment Submission Issues