Week 3 Lab09_Regularization

i am unable to run week 3 last lab i.e. C1_W3_Lab09_Regularization_Soln
this is the msg i am receiving when i run the last portion of the lab (overfitting example)

Rerun over-fitting example

ofit = overfit_example(True)


Canvas(toolbar=Toolbar(toolitems=[(‘Home’, ‘Reset original view’, ‘home’, ‘home’), (‘Back’, 'Back to previous …

can ssomeone guide me ?

Have you run all the cells from beginning to end one by one?

yes, i have run all the cells from the beginning to end and they are working fine, only this last cell/plot is not working

can you please share only the screenshot of the error you are getting. Do not share any codes or notebook here. It is against Code of Conduct.

Errors from the Canvas tool tend to be caused by issues in your browser. For example, you may have a pop-up or ad blocker, which interferes with the graphical UI.

It’s also rather common for Mac users with the Safari browser.

You might try an anonymous or private browser session.

here is the screen shot, everything is fine till this last code cell.(same output as expected).

i am using chrome on windows, i have disabled the ad blocker app still its not working.


Did you trying clearing the cache and browsing history, logging out of coursera id and then login and re try this lab?

What Tom is trying to state is your own browser can hinder in running some of the tools used in the notebook. If you do not have pop-up or ad-blocker, can you try on incognito or different browser the same lab? But before that makes sure to delete the cache and browser history once!!

Let us know if you are still stuck.

I will inform the learner technologist about the issue you are encountering, as the issue requires technical expertise.

Are you using a work system? I mean office laptop? to do these notebooks?


Thank you, the problem has been resolved by clearing the cache and logging in again.
Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.