Week 4 Assignment 2 # UNQ_C2

I think there is a problem here if I am wrong, please inform me here, because, for the testing part there is a syntax error for “return GA this cell”.

I’m not aware of any error in this assignment.
Can you be more specific? Please post a screen capture image.

I just refreshed my notebook to make sure I have the latest version and here’s a screenshot of the template code for UNQ_C2 in that assignment:

It looks ok to me. Of course you need to fill in the code for GA in that assignment statement.

If there is a syntax error as you described, it seems likely that you created it.

Thank you for your response for myself is different,

I updated the last version but I have two # UNQ_C2

I suspect you have accidentally added the text “this cell” without realizing it, and probably duplicated that function cell as well.

The original file in the course repo is correct, and doesn’t have a duplicate cell.

There is a comment on top that I can not edit, therefore it is not possible

There appears to be no problem with the course materials, so any issues are local to your notebook.

Thank you for your response, yeah maybe, because I am the only one who has this problem. But may I ask you to help me? or do you want me to send my username and password to check it with yours if it is possible?

I cannot check your assignment for you, mentors do not have that capability.

I recommend you save your notebook as a new file name, then get a copy of the current notebook by using the “Help” menu.

Then you can copy your code over from the old notebook to the new one.

We cannot see your notebook in any case. But as Tom says, you can help yourself by following this procedure to get a new clean copy of the notebook. Please read the instructions carefully: nothing will happen unless you rename or delete your copy of the notebook first.

Thanks Paul and Tom, it worked, I deleted all of my documents and updated again,
Sorry to bother you.
Have a nice weekend.