Week 4, Does the my subscription automatically stop after I complete the quiz and assignments?


It is my last week of the DLS 5 courses, I have 2 questions:

  1. Does my subscription stop after I complete all 5 courses videos, quizzes and assignments? or I have to click “cancel subscription”?
  2. after my subscription stops or cancelled , do I still have access to the DLS course all materials, as before, such as videos, assignments, transcriptions, PPTs?

I’m not sure whether your subscription gets automatically stopped, but it can’t hurt to manually stop it just to make sure.

But one important thing to note is that you lose access to the assignments once your subscription stops. If you want to refer to them in the future, you should download copies before your subscription stops. There is a topic about this on the FAQ Thread.

Thanks, Paul. Except for accessing assignments, do I have access to the videos ? or ppt

I think you should have access to the videos even after the subscription stops…am not sure about ppts…you could download them and keep for future references sir

My recent experience with the NLP subscription was that it was automatically canceled when I successfully completed the last graded exercise. I retained access to the quizzes and graded exercises through the remaining current period, after which they became locked again. I still have access the the class notes and videos.

Ai_curious has answered this question, but it was also covered on the FAQ Thread that I linked earlier on this thread. The title of the relevant topic is:

Sounds like it might be worth a look, no?