Week 4, exercise 1, "Submit" button does not show anymore


I finished the complete notebook, I validated my notebook sucesfully

But the “Submit” button does not show anymore.

I tried to restart the kernel, and it didn’t work; I closed the notebook, reopenned it and again the button just does not show.

I just do not now what to do.

I dont want to open a new notebook, and copy paste my results. First of all,

  1. it will take my a while
  2. Risk of errors
  3. I’m not sure it will fix the problem,

Could you help me please ?

Remark: I submitted an empty notebook (just to try) and I was able to. So, Idk why I cannot submit a non empty notebook.


There is a red dot next to the exercise label.

Idk if there’s something wrong with my two (empties) sumbmissions.

Is the notebook file name correct?

The Submit button only appears if the notebook has the default file name that was provided originally. You can only submit a notebook that has the expected file name.

Yes, that is the problem. You can see in the first image that you posted that you are using the renamed saved version of your previous work. That doesn’t work. The point is that your notebook got renamed because the course staff published a fixed version of that notebook. You could just rename your saved version back to the “official” name, but then you miss out on the fixes. The only real solution is to open the new clean version with the fixes and your saved version in parallel and then carefully “Copy/Paste” over your completed code into the new notebook.

And BTW this whole mess is described in detail in a topic on the FAQ Thread. See the topic about “Help! My work disappeared!” There’s also a topic about “No submit button”, which covers the point that Tom made about needing to use the “official” name of the notebook.

Thank you very much for your help !!