Week1 Complementary Readings/Case Studies

Hi teaching team,

I was wondering if we are provided with the complementary readings or relevant case studies for week-1 content. If not provided, would you please suggest where to find one?


Hi @HRISHIKESH_PATEL, I am not aware of any official complementary readings for this specialization, but I highly recommend this resource. It is an excellent book that covers a wide range of topics.


Thanks Enzo for confirming and sharing the resource.

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Hi Hrishikesh, though there is no official complimentary readings, what worked for me is to pick the topic I found interesting and then delve into it. ML Specialization takes you across a large number of topics. Once you find a topic interesting & want to go deep, you can search for it and I always came across articles on towardsdatascience, medium etc. & few interesting papers on arxiv. Hope this might help you or give you some idea on how you can proceed.

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Hi Gopi, thanks for the tip. It sounds good to me.