Week3 Assignment: Grader Reports One Test Cell Failed but No Instructions Given

The Grader output reported that one test cell failed, but no further instructions are given in regard to what cell is causing the errors. The notebook I submitted has passed all tests.

Additionally, is there a way to reset the notebook to the factory setting?

Which test cell? Maybe you hard coded something in that cell.

Here is the guide to get a clean copy.

Thanks! I have reset my notebook. the grader output didn’t indicate which test cell is failing.

Have you tried Kernel → Restart and then run all?

Sorry that the grader can’t give more specific feedback. The type of bug to look for is as Saif suggested: some way in which you have hard-coded things to match the test cases in the notebook, but which fails in general with different arguments. E.g. it could be assumptions about the shapes of the objects or referencing the global variables that happen to get passed as arguments directly, instead of through their parameters in the function body.

If you can’t figure it out based on the above hints, then we’ll need to examine your code.