Week3 assignment -having problem

hello, I am having grader issue with week3 assignment. In python jupyter notebook, I did every exercises correctly but input it is giving unknown error and I cannot solve. Even if I passed most exercises correctly, my grade is given as 0/100.
Could you please show tolerance little bit ? Because my coding is right, and I already passed some of them. So could you please accept this issue ?

Please post screen capture images that show the error messages or the feedback you get from the grader.

It is nearly always the case that if your code is correct, you will pass all the tests in the notebook and all of the tests the grader uses.

Hi @Asude_Berber,

Please do as Tom has asked above.

Additionally, you mentioned,

As I remember, there’s a note on how you can get partial grading on the assignment launch page.

In order for partial grading to work, please make sure you are following the above mentioned instructions.


Even if the expected outcomes is matching with my results, I am receiving this assertion error and name error. Could you please help me ?

Starting with the easiest error, that’s the last one.
Your code is using a variable “W_multi” which hasn’t been defined.
So apparently that’s not the correct variable name to use.