Week4 assignment - Lambda layer

I understand we cannot use lambda layer due to compatibility issue with hdf5.
But I have explored different layers etc. with different parameters including global, learning rates etc. I still didn’t meet the minimum requirement.

Is there anything I missed? Can anyone provide me some hints?


I think you are having a problem with hyperparameters mostly the learning rate you may be using a smaller value of learning rate.

Can you send me a private message with your model codes? I will help you out

Hi Hirwa, I sent you a private message. Thanks

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I have a similar issue. Can you please help me too?

Can you send me your notebook in a private message so I can help out?


Hi Hirwa,
I’m getting a Invalid Argument error :
Operation expected a list with 30 elements but got a list with 64 elements.
can’t figure out, can you help ?

You have the problem with model architecture and you are passing the wrong input values to the model.

I’m also going to remove the notebook from here and I sent a review to you in a Private message

Thank you Hirwa !
Got it solved

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Why you do not put the review in public mode? Looking at the discussion forum everybody is having the same issue.

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Hello @Enrico_Manosperti

Thank you for the brilliant question. The main reason why for this problem I am not putting a public review is that I found out that everyone has some progress he made different from others. If one gives an explanation of what he tried and the problem persists we will try to help him/her in public.

The main reason why we don’t allow anyone to post his work is that it can attract plagiarism. Giving feedback in private is due to each learner who faced this problem may have tried to a certain level and got stuck at some point, and his feedback will be his only.

I hope this might be helpful.