Week4 - Grader scores 90/100 but all tests pass in my Notebook



10 occurances of “All tests passed”. Should there be more tests??

Tried to re-score it…

I completed the following and last programming task and the full course got graded and a certificate was created. I was aiming for 100% so this invalid grading ruined my overall score. Would REALLY like for somebody to take a look at this. Thanks!

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Hey @frippe75 , this is not an “invalid” grading. You have probably made a mistake somewhere which the unit tests within the assignment didn’t pick. It could be because you might be passing global variables, hard coded values, which work within the assignment, but fail the autograder unit tests.

Kindly DM me your notebook and I’ll take a look.

As advised and looking at your notebook, you are passing hardcoded values in the assignment. Kindly make your code generic by following the instructions in the assignment.