What is this new update related to Coursera Notebook? is it okay if I update?

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Hello @Mubsi,

I came across an update for Coursera Notebook but with warning, so I was wondering if I should do the update or not. Or if I need to follow any instructions before updating coursera notebook environment.

Please see the below image.


Hi @Deepti_Prasad,

Well, I haven’t done this so I can’t really ay. From the message itself, it said the extensions might not work. Does it tell what extensions might not work ? I’m trying to understand what is being used.


Hello Mubsi,

I was trying to do an assignment for NLP, even I don’t know what extension it is talking about, so want to be sure before updating as I don’t want to get stuck on my assignment.

I thought you must have got an update from Coursera about it, so I thought to ask you.


I didn’t get any.

As in, they didn’t inform me. But I have seen this message before, and I chose to ignore it :stuck_out_tongue: as your concern is, I didn’t want things to even remotely break.

:woman_facepalming: :saluting_face: :smiling_face_with_tear: :zipper_mouth_face:

So I am not updating too until I get an update from you :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:

Hi @Deepti_Prasad

You can click “Don’t show anymore” as it does not influence anything, it’s just a message.

At first, I noticed it too and decided to leave things as is for some time (like Mubsi would have) but later it got a bit annoying so I decided to click the button. It did not change anything.

But on the other hand, when I open the Assignments again the message is still there anyways (the clicking of the button did not change me anything - I’m still getting this message).

So, you can decide for yourself :slight_smile: just sharing my experience with that.


P.S. I tried it just now and I do not see it anymore :partying_face:

Thank you arvy, will ignore for now until it becomes mandatory to update.