What Organization to put in LinkedIn for the ML and DL specializations?

Hi, I was wondering, when putting your specialization certificate on LinkedIn, under Organization which do you think will most likely lead to a job: Coursera, DeepLearning.AI, or Stanford University? I would think it would be between the last two, as just putting Coursera there doesn’t really stand out. Thanks!

If you have experience in doing the above please comment below :slight_smile:

DeepLearning.AI seems more useful, since putting “Stanford University” in your profile implies that you are enrolled there as a student.

In general that’s not what Coursera provides.

If not explicitly written down, I would consider first the organization represented by the person who signed the certificate, which is normally shown in the title under the signature.

To many courses, Cousera is just a platform, so I would wonder whether Cousera can be considered as the organization at all.

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I just write Deeplearning.ai.

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