Completed Specialization does not show up in Coursera

Hello, I have an issue, after completing 5 courses of Deep Learning specialization, the Specialization Certificate does not appear in my Accomplishments on Coursera website, how can I have it? This is out of the discussion range of this page, please move it to the correct place, thank you.

Hi @Namhoang,

For me, when I click on the arrow next to my profile on the top right, then click on Accomplishments , I can see the Deep Learning certificate under My Specializations. Can check to see if it is there ? Let me know.


I have visited that, there are only 2 Specialization Certificates, the most recent is TensorFlow.

Hi @Namhoang,

I have send you a direct message.

In order for the certificate to appear, you have to verify your ID, which you can do from here:

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