Completed Course 5 and specialization but no certificate

As the title mentioned, I’ve completed this course and the specialization, all tests are passed.

But the sequence model doesn’t give me a certificate, and the specialization doesn’t, either.

I’ve found that some other people have met this problem, but in their topics this problem seemed to go unsolved.

How am I going to deal with this problem? And please be fast because I don’t want to pay additional money for another month while I just want the certification.

In about 4~5 days I will have to pay for another month of the specialization, but I have already completed all of them
Unless the ungraded parts in course 5 week 4 are counted, but that doesn’t make any sense

Did you get all course certificates, if you got them all then you should get the specialization too. If you didnt get any of them, you should check that particular course.

The problem is I have completed all of them, including course 5, but course 5 doesn’t give me my certification, which probably also makes me not able to get the certification of the specialization.

It looks just like in this topic

Did not get certificate for DLS Course 5 - Deep Learning Specialization / DLS Course 5 - DeepLearning.AI

Hey @orps23124137,
Some of the learners faced an issue with verifying their IDs, and hence, were unable to get the specialization certificates. Have you verified your ID in the Coursera account? If you have completed that, please make an issue in the Community Help Center, and they will help you out. I hope this helps.


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I found maybe it’s because I haven’t done a ID verification, but I can’t do it since I don’t have either a driver’s lisence or a passport.
And I have got the previous 4 courses’ certificate, why is 5th different from them?

I guess the difference doesn’t lie in the course @orps23124137, it lies in the fact that issuing this course certificate will also issue you the specialization certificate, for which, I guess Coursera has mandated to have a verified ID associated with the account. Please post an issue in the Coursera support center, and they will help you out regarding this issue.


Hello @orps23124137
I have the same problem. How did you solve this problem?

Hello @Seyyed_Hossein
If you are facing problem in verifying ID proof, contact . They will help you

Thank you @jenitta.jebaraj