Can not find link for Course 5 and Specialization certi

Had completed all courses in specialization, but for last course “Sequence Models” can not find certificate link, also not getting link to download “DL specialization” certificate link

For other 4 courses there is a link on course home page to download and share certificate.

I am having the same issue. Please @ me if you find a solution. Thanks you.

Hey @myliu6 @kdsharmaai,
Apologies for the inconvenience. @Mubsi Can you please look into this once?


Hi @kdsharmaai & @myliu6,

Please contact Coursera chat regarding this.


Hi @Mubsi ,
Click on above link (provided by you ) displays only loading page (not redirecting to anywhere), loaded from several minutes.
(and still can’t see Course 5 certificate and DL Specialization certificate)

Please find SS

You can get in touch with coursera support regarding this
The chat is one option,you can also drop your query to them via email or on their website
Might be the site has some issues
Please try to visit the below website and see if it helps you
Thanks and Regards,
Mayank Ghogale

@MayankGhogale ,
I was in touch with support and they suggest to verify id, had verified id and now have all certi, including course 5 and DL specialization certi.
I had that in mind to verity id, but thought that was only for degree courses, so hadn’t updated at that time.

Thank you

FYI, @myliu6

Hi @kdsharmaai,

My bad, I pasted the wrong link :man_facepalming:

I have updated it now.

Anyways, looks like your issue got resolved. good to know.

Keep learning,

Glad your issue is resolved sir