Where is the Cost function?

Hi. I want to ask a quick question. So basically in the video called “Vectorizing Logistic Regression’s Gradient Output”, in the minute around 8:30, i’ve seen that the left side is the unvectorized implementation while in the right side, is the vectorized implementation. My question is that, where did the cost function go in the right side? Maybe i’m wrong, If i’m wrong, can someone tell me the situation about it? Thanks in advance!

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Could you please share the link to the video so that its easier for me to access the same and clear your query

Here is the link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/neural-networks-deep-learning/lecture/IgFnJ/vectorizing-logistic-regressions-gradient-output

So its there even on the right side or the vectorized side…just that its the exact same function without any change and so its probably not written by Sir Ng again while explaining

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