Where to download "resnets_utils import"

I would like to replicate the resNets assignment on my own JupyterNotebook.
The installation went fine for tensorflow, matplotlib…
But how should one proceed to download and install:

  • resnets_utils
  • test_utils
  • public_tests
    Thank you

You can find those files by opening the “File” menu in your notebook.

Great, thanks a lot!

There is a topic about that on the FAQ Thread. Since this is news to you, you might find the FAQ Thread worth a look on general principles.

Great, thanks for the advice.
I could download all the files of W2A1, but somehow the download for resnet50.h5 does not work. Afer clicking in front of the file to select it and clicking dowload, it shows an empty white page and the download doesn’t start.

Ok, solution found to ease the process:
To zip the whole folder for example W2A1:

To unzip the tar file on windows:

It’s great that you found those instructions about how to use tar for this purpose, but please be aware that those are “generic” and don’t quite work in all cases in the DLS courses. Note that they omit the “h” argument on tar, so that linux “symlinks” are just included as links, which are not useful if they point outside the subtree that you are tarring up. Here’s a local thread on our Discourse forum that has more specific instructions.

The whole problem with the resnet50.h5 file is exactly that it is a symlink. So if you did the “tar” method following the generic instructions, the file is not really there. Please check it and then you may need to use the more specific procedure I linked above.