Why am I getting this error time and time?

Why am I getting this error of:

Retrying langchain.embeddings.openai.embed_with_retry.._embed_with_retry in 4.0 seconds as it raised RateLimitError: exceeded quota for this month.

With this, I cannot run the Jupyter to try it myself. I also get the same issues with LangChain Chat with Your Data & ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers short courses.

How could I solve this issue? I am willing to pay for it to be resolved.

Create an account at openai.com, buy some credit and create an api key and use this.

I did that and bought credit through my organization and personal accounts, but it still got the same error. Do you know how I should proceed further?

Hi, try this setup: https://learn.deeplearning.ai/chatgpt-prompt-eng/lesson/2/guidelines

Thanks. Tried it. And still am getting the same error when I arrive at:

smalldb = Chroma.from_texts(texts, embedding=embedding)


texts = [
“”“The Amanita phalloides has a large and imposing epigeous (aboveground) fruiting body (basidiocarp).”“”,
“”“A mushroom with a large fruiting body is the Amanita phalloides. Some varieties are all-white.”“”,
“”“A. phalloides, a.k.a Death Cap, is one of the most poisonous of all known mushrooms.”“”,


embedding = OpenAIEmbeddings()
vectordb = Chroma(

Is there any other solution to this I could try?