Working offline?

Can I use this course, including labors with Python, offline, e.g. in a train without internet?
If yes, how can I do it?

You’ll have to download the notebook and all of the resources, and be sure you install all of the same versions of the tools that Coursera uses (Python version, TensorFlow version, numpy version, etc).

It’s not a simple task.

And training may be very slow, because you won’t have access to a GPU farm.

I believe there are instructions in the MLS Resources “FAQ” thread.

OK, then I will do something else during my trip.
thank you for your answer, it has probably saved some time for me not to try it…

Hello @Astrid_Rall,

Although setting up a Python environment on your computer can be tricky, downloading the videos is easy - I am using Chrome, and I can right click on the video and it will show a menu that has an option to download the video, only you need to do it one by one. At least you can watch some videos and take some notes and maybe do some thinking.

Have a safe trip!


Hello Raymond,

Thank you!

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