Accessing course 5 assignments


I’m trying to access assignments for DLS course 5. I want to do the Week 4 assignments on transformers, a topic added to this course since I last took it few years ago. Although I am enrolled with this course, all assignments are locked. In there anything I can do to unlock the assignments?

If you completed the course, your enrollment is probably ended.

Thanks, but so how can I enroll again? There is no unenrolling option

Being “enrolled” is different than paying the subscription. The assignments are behind the paywall, so you need to “re-up” your subscription in order to see them, even if you’ve already completed an earlier version of the course.

I agree with @paulinpaloalto. Once you complete the course, your subscription to use the graders for the assignments and quizzes expires.

Thanks for your answers! Unfortunately, I am hitting a brick wall with Coursera. I am not able to access the assignments, for the reason you mentioned. But, I am also not able to un-enroll from the specialization, so I can enroll back in, and pay for subscription. What they write on their help center on how to un-enroll from a course/specialization simply does not work! Lastly, there is no apparent way to get additional help on this issue. There seems to be absolutely no way to query their help center staff. Any ideas?

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bro try to push the end date of your course. i had the same exact problem with a course i took months ago. coursera locks activities if they are outside your “end date” which is calculated when you first state how many days a week youre going to train.

Thanks. I did that, and now I’m seeing DLS course 5 in preview mode for week 1. The assignments for the first previewed week are locked! But, could they be unlocked when the course starts? And, if that’s the case, how can I tell when is the course going to begin? I didn’t find a starting date anywhere on the course page. Also, where do I define what you mentioned about the number of days I am going to train?

They have changed the Help Center to make it more difficult to find the “Contact Us” links, but you can sometimes find them by drilling all the way down to the “leaf” level on an issue and then scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page. It doesn’t always work, but try it on a couple of different issues and maybe you get lucky. In a way it seems a bit shocking that they make it hard to pay for your subscription, since that’s how they generate revenue. Seems like they’d want to make sure that worked as easily as possible! :laughing: