Advice on which courses to take for specific career goals

Hi everyone,

does offer advice on which courses to take for specific career goals?
Like which courses to take in which order to acquire the skills needed to apply for a certain job or to get into a certain industry?

Thanks for advice.

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Hi Fabian, could you write down your specific career goals? I’m pretty sure there will be a Mentor who will be able to advise on which course to take.

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Hi beawal,

thanks for your quick reply.
I’m sorry for the delay, I’m having covid right now and am quite uncomfortable.
To explain my situation, I do not have a stem background of any kind, but I’m not bad at math, i just finished the ml specialization and there was nothing to worry about.
I participated in a data science bootcamp some years ago and I really liked what we were doing there. After finishing the camp i got a job offer i couldn’t refuse, that had nothing to do with data science or ml, so I did very little in that regard for some time.
But I still want to try the switch to a career in machine learning or ai or so.

Now i finished the ml specialization. My original plan was to continue with deep learning specialization and then ml ops, but now i wonder if I maybe should take more intermediate courses first, to acquire more general knowledge before I go on to the advanced stuff. From what I learned so far my impression is, that neural networks are so important, that you can hardly go wrong with the dl specialization.

When I finished the bootcamp I was in contact with several companies like this one Obungi GmbH – Information. Technology. Consulting. | Obungi GmbH that signaled that they are open for career changers.
I want to aquire a portfolio of skills that is attractive to lots of companies in the industry, but I’m not sure which skills are always useful and which ones are rather specialised.

Best regards


Personally, I can’t advise on that, but perhaps someone else will. Thanks for sharing.