AI and CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) research projecct

I have a little bit of a unique project - I am a cyber threat intelligence professional who is striving to became the “AI SME” in cybersecurity (my CISO asked this of me).

As part of my work I started a github that I would be incredibly grateful for anyone willing to take the time to review and give me feedback on anything I might have missed or that could be clarified / reported better. What a better community to ask than here?

The two pages I need feedback the most are:

cybershujin/Threat-Actors-use-of-Artifical-Intelligence (

Threat-Actors-use-of-Artifical-Intelligence/Dark LLMs and Malicious AIs.MD at main · cybershujin/Threat-Actors-use-of-Artifical-Intelligence (

Thank you so much!