Any ideas from where I should start learning AI

I am Nandkumar, and I am BCA first year student. I am intereste in AI but I which part of AI I should learn because every topic in AI seems interesting for me.
If you have any suggestions
Share it with me.

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Hello Nandkumar,
I wonder if you are familar with Python progrming. Even though good Python skill is not as critical as it was before, you are still requred to have some level of understanding about Python programming.

  • If you are not, I strongly recommed you first take a basic Python course in Coursera. There are lots of good courses for it.
  • If you are, please put a reply. We can discuss what kind of AI courses best suit you.
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Thanks for recommendation.
I have not taken any python course and I am definetely familiar with python programming.
I don’t have any prior knowledge about the programming but I do have interest in it.
I am looking forward to start the python programming but the thing is that there is lot of clutter online and I am not sure which course I should take.
Could you give me any specific recommendation?

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Hi Nandkumar,

On top of what my colleague said, do have a look at this thread where some good tips were given.

Happy learning


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In terms of more specific recommendations for online python courses, please also have a look at this thread.

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Thanks for this thread.
I really appreciate it.

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Thanks for this thread.
I really appreciate it…

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Hi Nandkumar_Devkate,

Both arosacastillo and paulinpaloalto have provided excellent advice. I’d like to emphasize that it’s not necessary to be at an intermediate level or higher in Python to dive into the world of AI. Having a solid understanding that’s just above the ‘beginner level’ is sufficient. As you engage in various AI courses, your Python skills will naturally develop and improve. I recommend following paulinpaloalto’s suggestion to take Python courses first, and then proceed with the AI courses recommended by arosacastillo. Best of luck on your journey!