Assignment could not be evaluated by the grader

Hi there, I’ve completed C5 W1, even got the generated music… there is no grade (other than 0), after many attempts.

There are three assignments in Week 1.
I presume this is for Assignment 3?

I would guess that you have accidentally modified that cell’s type attribute from “Markdown” to “Code”.

Did you perhaps download the notebook and work on it in some other environment, then upload it back to Coursera for grading?

No, I was working in the workbook only online. Good guess. It is possible I accidentally changed from markdown to code. Now it can’t be rechanged anymore. What shoud I do now?

Select that cell with your mouse, and from the Cell menu, use Cell Type → Markdown.

Then use File → Save and Checkpoint.

The use Kernel → Restart & Run All.

If the formatting of that cell looks good (i.e. looks like Markdown) after all the cells have run, then try to submit it for grading.

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Thank you for your clear and useful instructions!