Hi, Reviewers/Admin/Mods,

For the following lab, request you to make the following changes in the markdown file. I was getting some errors in rendering tables and values on my local machine using VSC. Making these changes helped run the script as expected. These changes also didn’t impact the Jupyter notebook output.

  • To the notations table, add the following under the Python (if applicable) column |-|
  • To the same notations table, i_th training example should be as follows i_{th} Training . There seems to be a space missing between $ and Training
  • Problem Statement: We are using double escape characters to escape $, we should switch to single escape characters.
  • Training Example x_i, y_i, shift the dollar sign to before the variables x and y across all instances

Please review these changes and let me know in case I missed out on something :slight_smile:

Thanks for your recommendation.

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Adding on some changes for the next lab as well,


  • Problem Statement, similar issue with double escape characters instead of single while using $