C1-W2 LAB Submission Report

In my opinion all the exercises are answered correctly however I got this error. I also tried to upload the python V3.10 but saw that it is already uploaded.

Please help me.
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The same problem rised also for the C1-W3 Lab.

I am really sorry to add that remark too but, the same type of error is keep facing me with the C1-W4 and C2-W1. Please help me :frowning:

Let me add also my answers for C1-W3 , C1-W4 and C2-W1.
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The “deprecation warning” has been reported in multiple other threads for the last couple of days.

Course staff has been notified.

No other updates are available at this time.

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Thank you for the response

I have this trouble too. Please help!

Please read my reply on this thread from yesterday.

Also, please follow the thread with this announcement.