C1_W3 Can't get grade, all tests passed

Can’t get grade in final assessment, all tests passed.
Error says invalid control char, but don’t see this error in any outputs.

Hi @TiagoSestari,

You may want to check this thread.

Towards the end, there is this post by @TMosh:

"Update for other students who find this thread:

Try using “Kernel → Restart & Clear Output”, then “File → Save and Checkpoint”, then (without running any notebook cells), submit the notebook for grading.

This seems to help the grader cope with notebooks that have a lot of data in the “output” cells, like audio files and spectrogram graphics."

Good luck!

Hello @TiagoSestari,

Can you share the complete MSG the grader output has given. The image has cut down the complete grader output msg.

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Hey, thanks for reaching out!
Restarting the kernel worked, got 100% now.