C1_W3_Logistic_Regression Error

Upon submitting the Course 1 Week 3 Practice Lab, I’m getting an error stating “Comment line with index: UNQ_C4 wasn’t found in code” and a grade of 0/100 though I have passed all my tests. Can you please let me know on how I can solve this error?


New here, but I believe you could go look at exercise 3. At the top of the box should be a few lines that say:

.# UNQ_C3
.# GRADED FUNCTION: compute_gradient
def compute_gradient(X, y, w, b, *argv):
Computes the gradient for logistic regression

If you now go to exercise 4, I would assume that the # UNQ_C4 is missing. When I deleted it, I got the same error as you are getting, as well as a 0/100. When repasting it, I returned to a 100/100.
Try pasting: # UNQ_C4 at the top of exercise 4 box if you have somehow deleted it.

Please read this.