C1_W4 subtitle errata

I noticed some mistranscriptions in the transcript (subtitles, captions) for the course videos. Below is the errata for the 4th week. I’ll post the errata for the other weeks in those groups.

The format for the errata is as follows. The approximate time is in braces, then the mistranscribed word or phrase follows, followed by a hyphen, then followed by the correct word or phrase. Like this:

[time] mistranscribed word or phrase - correct word or phrase

week 4
video 2 - Singularity and rank of linear transformations
[0:52] grip - grid

video - determinant of a product
[1:31] they determined - the determinant
[2:40] determined - determinant
[2:45] B0 because be singular - B is zero because B is singular

video - determinants of inverses
[0:41] multiplication members - multiplicative inverse
[0:56] multiplication members - multiplicative inverse
[1:27] convertible - invertible

video - eigenvalues and eigenvectors
[3:29] when it flew many - with infinitely many
[4:23] multiple victims - multiple of it

Fixed, thanks!