C1_Wk2_Ex5 Solution for the System of Equations using Row Reduction

Hi, when I test my code for C1 week 2 Exercise 5, it passes zero tests, however, I can see it is producing the correct general output and the solution is looking for individual values for x1, …, x4. What am I doing wrong?

You’re returning the result as complete list, you should just the value of each variable and then print the values accordingly.

@Mohammad_Omar_Adde thanks. and I do that, how?

go back to here
C1_W2_Lab_1_solving_linear_systems_3_variables and then find this:

2.3 - Row Reduction and Solution of the Linear System

this will work you through, then after you understand, do the same thing in your assignment

I hope it will work well for you and if i tell you immediately how you won’t remember it for a long but if you search the way i told you and try to figure it out, it will stay longer.

let me know the progress.


@Mohammad_Omar_Adde +1 vote for the presidency haha

The Ungraded Lab is not making sense to me :confused:

elaborate more please

well I followed the same steps that I originally went through and outlined in 2.3 Row Reduction and Solution of the Linear Systems and I am getting the error message I shared above. Not sure what I am doing wrong…