C1W1 SQL not graded correct

The grading system is not considering correct this query ( I also tried ordering by product_category, but said that it was not correct as well ).

Furthermore, there is a small error in the cell 12:
account_id = sess.account_id
should be
account_id = sess.account_id()
otherwise in cell 56 the link doesn’t work ( it’s assigning the method not the output to the variable )

Hi @Claudio_Lorenzi! thanks for sharing this issue.

you query is correct, so please double check if you have anything in the notebook runtime that may be ran overwriting any variable. Maybe it is best to just restart your runtime after saving it and run again from the beginning.

I hope this helps! :wink:

Hello, sorry if I write here but I cannot create a new topic in the category Practical data science. I’m now at C2 and since the W2, the lab doesn’t work anymore ( the Start Lab button spins forever, and the aws one is always yellow ). Is there some problem with my account? I sent a request using the form last week but got no answer. I completed all the lectures and quizzes, only the labs are left to complete the course.

After 20 minutes, it started! I hope it won’t kick me out as last time with the token expired warning.

[update] I got the following error in C2W2, I think there is something wrong with my account