C2W3_Assignment grader problem

Hi, I’m having problems getting this assignment graded. I was able to get a grade the first time I submitted it, but from then on I only get 0/10 in everything, such as the following:


But when I go to the notebook to check, it is in fact that type:

I really do not know how to fix this, could someone please help?

Did you change the name of the notebook file?

No, at least not intentionally. Is there any way I could check if it’s been changed?

Did you ever use save-as or rename? This will confuse the grader.

I am not a mentor for this course, so i do not know the correct name.

I don’t think so.
But if I did accidentally, how can I fix it?

El El vie, 23 de jun. de 2023 a la(s) 17:07, Tom Mosher via DeepLearning.AI <notifications@dlai.discoursemail.com> escribió:

I have the same problem in the same excercise (example_gen)

Has this been solved?

You can try uncommon the code at cell 14 and run it before continuing to the other cell, it’s possible the ipynb checkpoint file was saved there and it’s interfering with the directory.