C3_W2_RecSysNN_Assignment Error Message

I am stuck on this error message here and I already have refreshed, renamed, etc. the notebook since I had seen someone else having that problem as well, however, I am trying to fix this for hours now and can’t pass it.

Hi @Yase
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Please make sure that you pass all test cases, before submitting this assignment,
If this error is still exist after you passed all test cases, you can do this steps:
file → open → select running assignment and doing shutdown and select all file and delete it → after that select help

like this image and choose →


Hey, thank you for your reply! I already did the steps about the shutdown and update of the latest version.

These are the two error messages I get on the test cases

{moderator edit: code removed - please only post the error messages, do not include your code.


For this error make sure that you had run the import libraries cell

For this error the indentation(mean that you have agreat space(tap)) of the the line isn’t correct


Thanks! Everything is passed now!