C3_W2_RecSysNN_Assignment 3 week 2 assignment exercise

Hello, thank you, someone help me, I am stuck in the 3rd term of the assignment of Hefne 2. Thank you, someone send me the assignment, I really need it.

Hello @Dariush_Abidi
If you need any help from the mentors or fellow learners regarding your assignment, post your complete error trace here

Hello, where is the problem with my code?


The code looks correct.
What is the error you are seeing?

It shows me this error!!!


It seems you have an old version of the lab.
Save your answers as they will work for the latest version and follow these instructions for refreshing your workspace. It will download the latest version of the lab.

I did this but it doesn’t work. Now I have this problem!!!


The errors are because you have an old version of the lab.
If the lab refresh is not working,
Did you rename the original lab file or delete the original lab file before clicking the Get latest version, update lab buttons?

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Hello, the original file has been deleted, and no matter what I do, it doesn’t work!!! Please help me, only this exercise is left to complete the course. Can I give you the password for the course so you can take a look at it yourself?

Hi, try removing the trailing comma from the thirdlayer

I tried that also, but the extra comma didn’t make any difference.

Which part do you mean?


It’s possible that the data folder didn’t update correctly.
Can you try the refresh again with the data folder renamed.
Also if you see the variable scaledata in the lab, it is the old version of the lab.

Thank you very much, I did it and got the degree. thanks for your help

Hey! hop you all doing fine, I’m getting this error in test case, can anyone suggest me what is going wrong depite the code produces the same expected values, I’m getting confused about it.I can’t even change the atol=1e-8 to higher accuracy in testcasefiles. where should I look for this error in my code?

The last post is repeated: C3 W2 RecSysNN Assignment problem