C3W2 Assignment, AutoML Vision lab, CSV with 2 fields instead of 11 causing errors

I am going through the lab as instructed and I have reached the section where the images need to be loaded into the dataset. The progress checker shows that I’m on track but the results in the lab itself show otherwise. According to the error details the CSV file (data.csv) was created with only two fields rather than the eleven that are expected:

Error: gs://qwiklabs-gcp-00-bd5d9e921856-vcm/data.csv line 1: Expected 11 columns, but found 2 columns only.

Can anyone suggest what has gone amiss?

The CSV file really does only contain two fields:

student_00_879a5ba064d6@cloudshell:~ (qwiklabs-gcp-00-bd5d9e921856)$ head -4 data.csv

Also, the browser wanted to refresh each time I clicked to load the images, it looks like maybe my personal Gmail/Google account is somehow not being sufficiently isolated from the student account. Could that be having any effect?

Hi @monocongo

Thanks for your question.
It is true that the data.csv file only contains 2 columns. It is not clear to me where the 11 expected columns come from and I also don’t see mistakes in the commands from your Cloud Shell history.
If you use the chrome browser in incognito mode and then log on to coursera and do the labs again you can be sure you won t be interfering with your personal google account. Can you do the lab again in this mode and see if the error disappeared?

Good luck and best regards,

Thanks for your help, @mjsmid

I have tried this again and now I get a similar error, though I can’t see that the 11 vs 2 fields error is still the issue. Screenshot below:

What do I do in this case? The assignment is simple and requires clicking through, following along with the instructions. I think I have learned the lesson now, can I please get credit for this so I can move on? I have spent several hours on this by now and it’s only causing me to lose enthusiasm for the course. Please advise, thanks in advance.

Nevermind, it looks like I have passed with 75% already, so I guess I can move along now. Sorry for my noise. :slight_smile:

No problem @monocongo . Thanks for raising the point so we can try to solve the underlying problem, such that other learners won’t be bothered by it.
I’m not familiar with the issue and do not really understand what it triggering this. Just went through the lab again, but without any error message like that.
@chris.favila ; are you or any of the engineers able to tackle the issue above?


Hi Maarten and James! Sorry for the late reply. I also haven’t come across that error. The message in the screenshot seems to indicate that the file is missing. It would be good to search for Cloud Storage then click on your bucket. If data.csv is not in the listed files, then there might be an error in copying the said file in the earlier steps. If the file is there, another thing to check is if the contents of the file look similar to the Sample CSV format shown in the screenshot. If all checks out, this might just be a fluke error which I also sometimes encounter in this lab. It might be resolved by simply repeating the lab after a few hours. If the error happens again, then we can investigate further or we can report to Qwiklabs support. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help, @chris.favila.

My week 2 is still a bit goobered, it seems like a couple of the Colab notebooks aren’t showing as completed although I’ve actually gone through both of them twice now.

I’ve logged out of my personal Google account and then gone back to the labs to again see my personal account avatar show up in the top right, as if it automatically signed me in again. I’ve also restarted my laptop and logged in to Coursera without logging into my Google account, but then I’m prompted to sign in with a Google account to get started on the lab – which account do I use for this? I can’t find this info in my Coursera profile or account settings. For the timed labs I used a Qwiklabs account, but that’s not in play for these Colab labs, right?

Hi James! Yes the checker with ungraded Colabs is a different issue. That is related to how the Coursera UI tracks progress. It does not affect your grade. If you want the green checkmark to appear, you can simply click the big blue button in the lab item (before you launch the Colab).

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 8.47.02 AM

You can just close the window that it opens because that is just an empty workspace in Coursera Labs. We will revise the layout of the course soon to have this as Reading Items so learners can just check a Mark as Completed button. Hope this helps.

If you will be reporting a different issue, kindly open a new topic so other mentors and fellow learners can see new concerns more easily. Thank you!

Hello @monocongo
I think your error happened because you chose
Object detection (where more columns are expected in the csv) rather than multi label classification